Feed Your Lawn Simply. When Needed.

Simplify your lawn plan with our bundles or products that easily mix together.

What Simplifies our Products

We take the complexity out of fertilizing your lawn.  Our products provide everything your lawn needs to flourish with our products and bundles.  Our products are safe for your lawn, family, and neighborhood.  We use a hybrid approach of ingredients that mix well together.  

Safe for Everyone!

We use only the highest quality ingredients that includes a hybrid approach of conventional, natural, and organic ingredients.  Rest assured that you will not damage your lawn or neighbors using our products.

Liquid That Lasts!

All of our lawn fertilizers contain 50% or more slow release nitrogen from Urea Triazone. This means that you will get 4-6 weeks of continual feeding from our products when used as directed.

Improved Uptake!

Our lawn fertilizers utilize Potassium Acetate which is the smallest molecular form of potassium. What does that mean? Better potassium uptake and utilization.

Improve Plant & Soil Health!

Simple Enhance & Simple Aeration are Carbon Rich supplements that will improve microbial activity in the soil and improve plant photosynthesis and metabolism.

applying your plant food is as simple as 1...2...3...


Step 1: Measure Your Lawn

You can do this three ways. 1) The old fashion way, with a measuring tape or wheel.  2) Use technology.  Such as Google Earth or your county appraisers website.  3) If your property came with a Survey Plat.

Break your yard into small sections and multiply the length by the width.  Be sure to take out any non-grass areas.


Step 2: Prepare Your Application

Once your yard is measured, each of our products have a similar rate.  Apply 8-12 ounces per 1000 square feet of grass.  The most economical application is with a hose end sprayer.  Set the dial to the 3oz rate and start spraying.   Spray walking at a consistent pace spraying in 3-5 foot swaths.  Simple Tip:  For first application, add only water to the hose end sprayer, enough for 500-1000 square feet to make sure your pace is calibrated.


Step 3: Spray Your Lawn

Once your sprayer is calibrated, it's time to apply.  It is best to break your lawn into sections, so that you apply the appropriate amount.  Apply 8-12 ounces per 1000 square feet.  Use 1-3 gallons of water per 1000 square feet to apply your product. This is the fun part! It shouldn't take very long to complete.

check out our simple products

All of our products are designed with simplicity in mind.  Mix and match to create success!  We have developed product bundles to make life easier for you.  Check out our different bundles or buy an annual lawn plan for a hands off fertilizer experience.