Simple Aeration 0-0-8 +1.5 Fe | Liquid Lawn Aeration


A super concentrated soil building supplement with humic acid, fulvic acid, seaweed, potassium, and iron.  Ideal for stressed areas.

Potassium (K)…..8%

Iron (Fe)…………1.5%

Humid Acid……..6%



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Simple Aeration is a bio-enhanced soil builder designed for turf. By incorporating Simple Aeration into your fertilizer program you will reduce soil compaction, improve water utilization, and add much needed organic matter to your soil. This is a unique formulation of potassium acetate, complexed iron, kelp extracts, humic and fulvic acid. Simple Aeration will enhance growth under stress conditions and increase nutrient availability in soils.

Humic and Fulvic acid contain the same organic acids found in rich, high CEC soils. Applications of humic and fulvic acid have been demonstrated to enhance growth and increase nutrient availability while reducing nutrient loss through leaching. Increased microbial activity, increased cell division & root development are also known benefits of humic acid.

Kelp extracts are well-known for their beneficial effects on turf grass. Prevention of and recovery from environmental stresses as well as the tendency to stimulate root tip development makes kelp extract a desirable input for you lawn.

The potassium in Simple Aeration is in the acetate form. This form, having smaller molecular size and natural affinity for plant tissue, has been demonstrated to have up to 5 times the absorption of traditional forms of potassium. Since turf grass requires potassium second only to nitrogen, an efficient and highly absorbable form of potassium is highly desired. Potassium enhances root development, stress resistance, carbohydrate synthesis, protein synthesis, enzyme activity, and the uptake of magnesium.

Additionally, Complexed iron is added to enhance green up.

Simple Aeration can be combined with any of Chemwise Simple Plant Food products. Apply Simple Aeration to your grass 4-6 times per year in order to get the full soil building effect. Apply Simple Aeration at 6-9 oz per 1000 square feet. 1 gallon of concentrate will cover up to 20,000 square feet or 4 applications of 5,000 square feet. Apply this concentrate with 1 to 2 gallons of water per 1000 square feet.


  • Soil building components including Seaweed, Humic & Fulvic Acid
  • Safe for Ornamental and Edible Plants
  • Improves Root Growth
  • Potassium Improves Fruit Flavor
  • Reduces Soil Compaction
  • Improves Stress Resistance
  • Flushes Out Salt Compounds
  • Enhances Nutrient Absorption
  • Improves Photosynthesis
  • Child and Pet Friendly When Dry
  • Made in Florida, USA
  • Family Owned Company

Application Equipment Includes:

  • pump sprayers
  • electric sprayers
  • push sprayers
  • hose end applicators
  • fertigation systems

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