How to Reseed Bare Patches in Your Lawn

Bare spots in front yard that need to be reseeded.
Rake the seed bed to prepare for reseeding.

A healthy, green lawn is a beautiful sight as grass comes back to life during spring, but sometimes those early days can be disappointing. Even a well-maintained lawn can develop bare spots. However, spring is the perfect time to correct this issue. The reseeding method is easy and inexpensive, and doesn’t take too much time. The only drawback is it will take several weeks to fully blend with your lawn. If repairs are made in spring, your reseeded areas should be well established by summer. 

Rake the Area and Loosen Soil

Using a rake, remove any debris, dead grass or weeds. Break up the soil with a rake or cultivator. Level the soil out if needed. 

Add top soil to seed bed to help with nutrient uptake and water retention.

Add Top Soil 

Apply soil or compost to existing soil. Spread evenly and around to adjacent areas. Loose, smooth soil allows the seedlings to take hold. 

Spread the seed

Spread the Seeds

Choose the correct seed for your grass type, climate and sun exposure. Spread grass seeds evenly around the area. Distribute the seeds so they cover the ground, but you’re still able to see earth beneath – approximately 1 cup per square foot. Try to avoid seeds piling up on top of each other. This provides the seeds with adequate sunlight and proper seed to soil contact. Water thoroughly.  


Proper watering is extremely important. Gently water the area early morning and again in the evenings to keep the area consistently moist until seedlings reach the recommended mowing height. Be careful not to drench the area.  It could take 2 weeks before you see the seeds sprout, and another 2 before they reach the desired height. Supplement the reseeded area with Simple Plant Food’s Simple Enhance every 1-2 months to ensure success.  

Mow When Ready

Allow new grass to grow about one-third taller than the recommended mowing height before your first mow, and never remove more than one-third of the height of the grass when mowing regularly. With proper preparation and maintenance, spring lawn spot repair can be simple, and you will restore your grass to thick, healthy turf. 

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